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Let’s catch up.

September 30, 2022

We know it’s been a while. Time runs at a different, much faster rate in the digital world, but that’s fine - we’re so much more than a digital project. So we spent these last months working with the utmost focus and dedication to make sure we have the strong foundation we need for our far-reaching vision.

The action went at full speed behind the scenes and we waited to check out some important boxes before coming towards you with a more thorough update. There was a lot of strategic planning, restructuring, round table brainstorming and a whole lot of hard work going on. Yet we feel like things are finally coming together in a way that’s aligned with our values and vision, so we’re energized and so excited to have you along for the journey. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to lately.

Drum rolls: Introducing the new website.

Such an important milestone, for several reasons.

Firstly, The Coop Network is committed to quality, growth and transparency, so it needed a website to properly reflect this - structurally, visually, functionally. We went for a bespoke design to allow the display of ongoing evolution, since we intend for this website to be a living organism that expands with the project. 

Secondly, the extensive work in progress meant us diving deep in, synthesizing and organizing a large amount of complex information regarding all areas of The Coop Network, connecting all the dots and getting clear, as a team, on what works and what needs changing.

There are now new features announced, extended information added, outdated claims removed, more transparency, important updates on the roadmap and the new team. So let’s take a look at the main points of interest and what we’ve been working on lately.

1. The new & growing team

The team is the beating heart of a project and we are so proud of ours!

We started the year with a complete revolution in this regard, recognizing and honoring the importance of authentic alignment in values, vision and energy between people committing to successfully build together in the long run.

From just a handful of people at the beginning of the year, we are happy to share that there are now over 20 highly skilful and dedicated new members across 4 main teams: development, marketing, community & research. They will play a vital role in bringing the project's vision to life.

Step into the engine room and meet them, here >

2. An exclusive first look at the Coop Wallet

Ah yes, our most important product, with a lot going on.

The development team is all hands on deck on our mobile App, the first fully legal Investment & DeFi protocol based on Real World Assets, which will act as a gateway to the whole Coop ecosystem. If it sounds complex, know that it really is, but worry not as the full power of decentralized finance will be at your fingertips, with the easy interface of a mobile app.

We’re striving to launch the beta-version by the end of the year.

Find out more and have a first look here >

3. Coop Farm, Play-to-Earn soon

If you’ve been following us lately, you know all about our Coop Farm game. Our game development team works tirelessly for us to launch it this year. Make sure to stay close, cause it will be a fun way to be a virtual farmer, yet earn real money through using your strategic thinking.

Take a look here >

4. The Coop DAO & Membership, explained

When it comes to such a complex project, it can be hard to wrap one’s head around all aspects. Yet our aim is to make everything as simple to understand and as seamless to interact with as possible. That’s why we synthesized the info and tried to communicate the process with more clarity. 

More on the economic model of the future and how you can be a part of it, here >

5. Roadmap, updated

In the light of new information, a new context and a new team, we’ve done a much needed update on the initial roadmap. 

Check it out step by step, here >

6. Tokenomics & GMD distribution

From GMD distribution to the team vesting period, our tokenomics are now up to date, more thorough and more transparent.

Check it out here >

7. Whitepaper & Pitch Deck

We’ve updated our main docs, bringing improved clarity and accuracy.

Whitepaper >  Pitch Deck>

8. Businesses

All the current businesses of the Coop are now more detailed, up to date and more transparent on their various stages of development. Check them all out on the website!

CBD Oil >   Robotics >   Coop Academy >   Greenhouses >   Sheep Farming > Water Distribution >  Drone Services >

And we’re only just beginning.

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